Paleo French Onion Soup

So simple and delicious.  I have been making French Onion Soup for years, well at least 12 years anyway.  I have tried all sorts of methods and adding different things from a zillion different herbs to red wine and so on.  What I have discovered, is the most coveted bowl of French Onion Soup is the most simple recipe.  I have now been making this very recipe for 5 years and not one complaint, and it is the go to soup that everyone requests when they visit.  My Sister in Law and my Mum in Law love to have this waiting for them after a long flight.  Even my kids love it.  Really, what is not to love.  A bowl of hot soup full of caramelized onions steeped in a steamy hot beefy broth with a tasty crusty crouton and melted cheese (you can skip the cheese if you don’t do dairy).  I dare any of you to say you don’t pick all the cheese off that has melted down the side of your bowl if you indulge in good cheese every now and again.

All that being said, forget all the long crazy methods, forget all the herbs and wine… just forget you ever saw those recipes.  This soup is perfect just as it is.  When you use great ingredients and cook them well, they stand on their own and don’t need any help.

Here is the recipe!


French Onion Soup
4 Tbs of Butter (unsalted)/ghee/coconut oil (I have used them all and they all work great!)
4 to 6 medium to large onions.  I use a mix of spanish/white/and sweet (Valida or Mayan)
1 quart chicken stock (stock not broth)
1 quart beef stock
(Or you can sub the stocks for 2 quarts of your homemade bone broth)
Course Salt (celtic or kosher works best)
Croutons (recipe follows)
Gruyere, Swiss, or provolone cheese (your choice, just spend the extra for a nice organic artisan cheese)
In a large stock or soup pot, melt your butter/ghee/coconut oil to coat bottom of pot.  Melt on a medium low heat.  If using butter or ghee, add a tablespoon of coconut oil to keep the butter from burning.  Use a mandolin/food processor or thinly slice by hand your onions so you get lots of nice rings!  Start adding the onions as you slice to your pot and stir as you go.  Once all the onions are in put in a giant pinch of salt.  (Season as you go!)
Turn heat up to medium and let the onions slowly caramelize.  You want to have a nice light caramelization… not a super dark one as you don’t want your onions to taste like something you would put over ice cream!
Once lightly caramelized add your stock.
 Bring it up to a simmer and let it go until reduced by half.
Add salt and pepper to taste.  If you over reduce, add a little water.

Ladle your soup in your soup crocks, add your crouton and put your cheese on top.  I often use a mix of swiss and provolone.  Put under the broiler until all bubbly and melted and little brown spots form.  Remove from broiler carefully, serve and enjoy.


The crouton was a bit of a dilemma since going paleo.  No more are the days that I can just slice off a piece of italian or french bread and make this recipe work.  So now, I make this amazing flat bread recipe from and just use a biscuit cutter to make them the right size and then toast them in a skillet with a little grass fed butter or ghee.  Works well and is fast and easy.  Another recipe I just recently tried and works great too is the Paleo English Muffin Recipe from  She has a lot of other great recipes too!   You don’t even need the crouton or cheese to enjoy this soup.  It is bone warming comfort just when you need it!   Give this recipe a try, I know you will love it!

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